Daily Rhythm


Every day we have the option of choosing whether or not to pursue, above all else, the Kingdom of Heaven (Matt 6:33). As a group, we’re trying to make surrender to Jesus a habit. We do that a few ways. We hope prayer is a primary part of our students lives, and we encourage worship. But one other thing we make a priority is to get into the Word on a regular basis. Here are a few resources to help you with that!

Every year, leading up to Lent, we participate in a 40 day journey together. Below is our 2018 journey. Check it out starting on Valentine's Day 2018, or any day, honestly.


One tool we really appreciate is the LifeChurch.tv Bible App. It’s available for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, etc. It’s an awesome tool with great options as far as reading plans go.

SKOPOS.org Devotions

Another daily Bible Reading option is available through the group we go to camp with. Skopos.org has put together an exhaustive 9 month plan that aims to prepare you to know how to study the Bible on your own at the end of the process, no tools necessary. It’s worth checking out. (used with permission)

Five Minute Journal

Finally, I’ve created a download for you to process through your day. It asks some hard questions that help you to be transformed into the image of Jesus. You can find the PDF journal’s downloadable link below or you can purchase the book at cost, a book with 100 days of journal pages in it as well.