Annual Rhythm


Every year we have a few main events that we look forward to. We are intentional to get away, even if it’s locally, for a chance to rest, refresh ourselves, and renew our passion and desire to follow after Jesus.

Here are a few current annual traditions we hold onto:

Winter - Retreat

Each Winter we rent a house in Branson and get away for a weekend. It’s a time to refocus, hang out, and become a bit more of a family.

Spring - Canoe Trip

Over Memorial Day weekend, we’ll canoe and camp along the Buffalo River. We’ll cook together, worship together, pray together, joke together. It will be a weekend you wont want to miss.

Summer - Falls Creek

Every year in July we head to Davis, OK for Falls Creek Summer Camp. It’s an incredible week of teaching, worship, and fun. Cost is $200 every year, with scholarship help available.

Fall - 30 Hour Famine

Every year, this lock-in looks different. Some years we go without food. Some years we cook tons of food for families in our church. Regardless, it’s a fun and memorable weekend.

2018 Summer Mission Trip - St Louis

This year we are headed to St Louis to work with a Refugee Ministry called Oasis. We’re excited about their work and cannot wait to connect with that ministry. Open to High School students and parents.