Annual Rhythm

Every year we have a few main events that we look forward to. We are intentional to get away, even if it’s locally, for a chance to rest, refresh ourselves, and renew our passion and desire to follow after Jesus.

Here are a few current annual traditions we hold onto:

SummerFalls Creek Summer Camp is the world’s largest Christian Youth Camp. We always go in the 3rd week of July and absorb everything this camp has for us, from worship to teaching to great movies to more activities that we could fit into a month!

Spring30 Hour Famine – Every spring, we have a weekend lock-in to

Fall – To end the summer, and prepare for heading back to school, we will take an overnight Canoe Trip.

Winter – We will begin to have an overnight Ski Trip starting the winter of 2016-17. It’ll be a fun night of getting away, but also a weekend of pursuing Jesus together through worship!